Foundation Repair in St. Louis

Foundation Repair Using Piers

A sinking or settling foundation can be one of the biggest and most expensive problems a home will face. The warning signs for this include long cracks in your foundation, stair-step style cracks in your brick work, diagonal cracks at the corners of door frames and window openings, and doors and windows sticking or being hard to open or close. To repair a settling or sinking foundation, we utilize the Perma Jack System which is a permanent repair that will stop your foundation from sinking and restore it to its original position. If foundation problems are left to get worse, they can lead to the need for a basement waterproofing system to be installed as well so it is important to take care of this as soon as you discover it.

For more than 40 years, Perma Jack of St. Louis has provided home structural repair to clients facing the threat of serious damage to their residential property. What may seem like a minor concern now could easily turn into a costly repair over time, so we encourage anyone who detects small warning signs to request an inspection from us. When it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones, guesswork is not an option. We provide accurate diagnoses of your problems and offer repair solutions to ensure the security of everyone living in your home. If you notice a small issue, contact us to fix it before it's too late.

Structural Home Repair

Structural damage often tends to make itself apparent through visible cracks in your wall or foundation, so make sure to enlist our services as soon as you notice any minor problems. Our home structural repair company in St. Louis ensures that your home's issues are taken care of before they turn into costly damages that could compromise the overall state of your residence.

Our experienced technicians provide residential structural repair to guarantee the prolonged life of your home for years to come. With decades of expertise and knowledge on our side, we offer peace of mind with every restoration and foundation repair project that we perform. Don't put yourself or your loved ones in danger by ignoring the risks of an unstable foundation. Let us help you by providing your home with the repairs it needs.

As part of our commitment to ensuring your home's safety, we devote our full attention to providing superior service and comprehensive solutions from the ground up. We treat your home like our own, so you can count on us for the best in quality when it comes to protection from foundation problems.

Perma Jack System

Perma Jack Foundation Pier

The Perma Jack System used for piering a foundation consists of a forty-four (44) pound steel weldment that is placed under the foundation. This type of friction-less piering system is preferred by many structural engineers. Attached to the weldment is a hydraulic cylinder which hydraulically presses three (3) foot sections of steel tubing down into the earth until bedrock or equal load bearing strata is reached. The steel tubing is a round three (3) inch tube made of carbon steel. Each three 3 foot section of pipe is connected by a specially machined fitting designed to align and firmly connect the sections, insuring a continuous steel pier.

At the beginning of each steel pier is a friction-less end which increases the surface bearing to bedrock and also displaces a greater volume of soil as the piering pipe is being driven, resulting in less wall friction during the drive.

Each pier is designed and figured to support 16,000 pounds of the structure and is overloaded for at least thirty (30) minutes under a test load of 32,000 pounds, assuring contact with bedrock. The pier is then locked in place by two three quarter inch locking bolts. The locking is accomplished by drilling a series of pilot holes and then a tap size hole for (2) two three quarter (3/4) inch bolts which penetrate the wall of the pipe, locking the Perma Jack bracket and pier in place under the above mentioned load. The driving cylinder is then removed and any excess pipe that would protrude above the ground or floor is cut off. The hole is back-filled and patched, if necessary, completing the Perma Jack System.

Because of the advanced design and simplicity of the Perma Jack System, the lifting operation is performed using the same technique, manpower, and procedure. Although some additional time may be required, these advantages with the Perma Jack System make lifting a normal capability of the Perma Jack System.

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Dear Tim & Staff at Perma Jack As I retire from my position as Deputy Building Commissioner of the City of Kirkwood, I have to recognize and thank some of the quality contractors and design professionals I have worked with over the last 15 years. I have approved and inspected many foundation ...
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