Bowed Wall Repair in St. Louis

If your basement walls are bowing or buckling inward, it is a sign of excess pressure on them from the outside. This is a problem that should be repaired much sooner than later because as the bowing gets worse, the walls can eventually fail and you will need to rebuild the foundation to continue supporting your home. One of the best ways to repair a bowing basement wall is to install a system of wall braces to anchor the walls in place and prevent them from bowing any further. Bowed wall repair is a unique type of foundation repair service that we offer and is one that should be implemented before the wall has a chance to get worse.

We use engineer designed products approved by the International Code Council to stabilize and brace a leaning or bowing basement wall. If the basement wall fails, it will need to be rebuilt and rebuilding a foundation wall can involve jacking up the house, excavation, and relocating utilities which can be very expensive. One of our systems uses steel rods and anchor plates as a cost effective means for basement wall bracing. Bowing walls are also problematic because they can allow water to seep in though the cracks, causing the need for a basement waterproofing system to be installed.

Our service technicians insert a steel anchor rod through the bowed or leaning basement wall into the earth outside. A steel anchor brace is attached to the rod through a hole dug vertically in the ground. A steel anchor bracing plate secures the rod to the leaning basement wall.

Wall anchors are placed at critical locations along the wall and extenders used to avoid flower beds, decks and landscaping. The process can take less than one day in some instances since your basement wall doesn’t have to be rebuilt. Your home and surrounding area is left in virtually the same condition before the basement wall bracing is installed. After we repair your bowing walls, we can provide you with options for wall crack repair to hide that unsightly crack and allow you to move forward.

Bowing Basement Wall in Need of Repair

How We Repair Bowing Walls

We have two major types of repair products that we use to repair bowing basement and foundation walls. These are wall braces and helical tie backs. These are the different ways we use each of those.

Wall Braces for Repairing Bowed Walls or Bowing Basement Walls

If your walls a bowing a large amount, there are only two ways to really repair them. One is to replace them completely and the other is to use a wall brace. The installation of the wall brace is done following these steps:

  1. Distances measured to ensure enough virgin soil remains after the brace is installed.
  2. Sod removed and saved to repair the soil later.
  3. Holes excavated to a predetermined depth to meet the rods.
  4. Hole drilled in leaning basement wall to thread rod through.
  5. Rod is driven into soil toward excavated holes.
  6. Outside earth plate anchor is attached to the rod.
  7. Inside wall plate is attached to the rod.
  8. The anchor is tightened and torqued to pull the wall back into its proper place.
  9. Soil returned to holes and tamped down.
  10. sod is replaced to ensure minimal impact to your lawn.
  11. The wall is no longer bowing and has been stabilized.
Basement Wall Brace for Repairing Bowed Walls

These wall braces are just one of a number of wall bracing solutions we provide for bowing or bowed walls. Another solution we provide is helical tiebacks, also known as helical wall bracing or helical wall anchors. Much like wall plate anchors, helical tiebacks can offer minimal excavation and / or disruption to the surrounding areas. Other wall bracing solutions include:

Helical Tie Back Used to Brace Bowed Foundation Wall

When basement walls only have a slight bow, we can use the helical tie backs to restore them. These work best with smaller amounts of bowing and are installed using this process:

  1. Excavation around the exterior of the bowing walls.
  2. Core through the bowed walls to allow the tie back to pass through.
  3. Install anchors by threading them into the earth and pull the walls back into position, removing the bow.
  4. Once the anchors are installed, the wall is corrected.
  5. Backfill the excavated areas and tamp down the soil.
  6. The bow has been repaired and the walls are stabilized.
Helical Tie Back for Repairing Bowed Walls

We install the helical tie backs by placing them through a small hole in the wall and attaching an anchor plate. As the helical section is driven into the soil, it will pull the wall back into place. Each of these sections is installed to unique specifications for your project to ensure the proper amount of pressure and tension is on the wall.

Steel Beams for Preventing Bowing Walls

If your basement walls are just starting to show horizontal cracks or have a very minimal bow in them, we can install steel I-beams between the floor and the floor joists that will add an extra layer of protection along the wall. This will prevent the walls from bowing or buckling by keeping pressure on them from the inside.

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Choosing one wall bracing or wall bracket system over another is based on a number of factors that require a comprehensive inspection and evaluation by a qualified technician.

If you've got a basement or foundation wall issue, give us a call today at 636-225-2553 for a free consultation and inspection of your leaning, bowed or bowing basement walls so we can determine whether basement wall braces and wall bracing is right for you. If it is not, we can design a repair solution engineered to meet your specific needs.You can also visit our contact page, or fill out the form below.

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