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We have been providing the greater St. Louis area with a wide variety of home repair services since 1974. We've seen every type of foundation repair problem you could come across since then. Whether we're looking at a bowing basement wall that is on the verge of collapsing or a long horizontal wall crack starting to show the signs of a larger problem, we've got the experience necessary to properly evaluate the problem and come up with a permanent solution.

On top of foundation problems, we've dealt with a variety of water issues that can only be treated with a purpose built basement waterproofing system just for your home. We can even use a trusted method of concrete leveling to restore a sinking or settling concrete slab to its proper position which will not only make it look good again but prevent injuries from tripping.

Let our team take a look at your problems and help you with a solution that is built just for you!.

Foundation Repair

Using only the best materials along with the necessary experience, we can provide you with a permanent foundation repair solution for you sinking or settling foundation problem. If you've got a foundation that is sinking on one end of the house or you're noticing your doors and windows sticking when you open or close them, it is time to get in touch with the foundation repair experts at Perma Jack. We can have a team work around your schedule to provide you with a comprehensive inspection and fully outline what we need to do to restore your foundation.

Basement Waterproofing

We get heavy thunderstorms that can bring a lot of rain. When this is combined with the clay heavy soils we have in the St. Louis area, it can cause some water problems in a basement that does not have a basement waterproofing system in place. If you've noticed that you have standing water in the basement after one of these storms, please reach out to us so we can have a member of our team inspect your home and work with you to come up with a solution that will prevent water from damaging your home and allow you to finally use your basement as you'd like.

Bowed Wall Repair

The basement walls are an integral part of the structure that holds up the upper floors of your home. If you see these walls bowing inward or starting to buckle, it is very important to have a bowed wall repair system installed to prevent permanent damage to your home. If these walls bow inward too much or buckle completely, this can cause a catastrophic foundation failure and it will no longer be able to support your home any longer. If this happens, the only repair is to completely replace or rebuild the foundation which can cost anywhere from $30,000 to over $100,000.

Concrete Leveling

The concrete slabs on your property serve an important purpose and when they are sinking or cracking, they can no long provide a sturdy footing or pathway. If this is happening to your sidewalk, steps, patio, or driveway, we can perform concrete leveling which will lift and level the slab so it can continue to be stable and will not cause people to trip on cracks that have formed. If you've got cracking or sinking concrete, reach out to us so our team can come out and take a look at the slab and let you know if we can repair using our mud jacking process.

Wall Crack Repair

There are a number of reasons you could have cracks in your basement or foundation walls. Whether they are caused by hydrostatic pressure on the exterior or from a settling foundation, our wall crack repair service can repair the crack and prevent it from growing any more. Using specialized products we can not only seal the cracks to prevent any leaking but we can permanently bond ultra strong carbon fiber strips to the walls which will keep the crack from spreading wider or growing any longer.

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If you have seen any of the issues here, we have a range of solutions that allow you to rest assured that the proper repairs have been completed. Feel free to call us at 636-225-2553, head over to our contact page, or fill out the form below.

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Average rating for Perma Jack of St Louis is 5 stars of 5 stars - based on 10 reviews
Basement Waterproofing in St. Louis, MO

I am very satisfied with the install and crew that did my drain tile and sump pump. The crew was professional, knew their job and did an excellent job – neat an workmanlike. Thank you! Crew made an excellent effort to keep mess to a minimum like I asked. Great job!
Damien V.

Damien V - St. Louis, MO 63119
Foundation Repair in Town And Country, MO
I wanted to comment on the work performed but needed more space then provided on the certificate of completion. Work done according to plan: I understand that our basement was not the usual installation for Perma Jack so some changes were necessary as work went on. We had discussed some of the ...
Melodie S - Town And Country, MO 63131
Foundation Repair in Chesterfield, MO
Wow! Thank you for a wonderful job in more ways than one. As a single woman / homeowner, I’m often suspicious of contractors out to take advantage of me. I found my experiences with you and all your employees very professional. Mike and Jimmy were especially informative when they were installing ...
Nora C - Chesterfield, MO 63017
Perma Jack of St. Louis