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Choosing A Foundation Repair Company

The Yellow Pages and the internet have numerous foundation repair companies listed so how do you go about choosing a reputable company?

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The BBB – Better Business Bureau. When calling the BBB, always talk to an individual and tell them the name of the company you are inquiring about. Some of our less reputable competitors frequently change their phone numbers to lose the complaints which show up with the BBB automated system based on the company phone number.

Many companies list a huge number of years experience for their business, but in many cases, many of those years may have been spent experimenting with different and unproven products and gimmicks that don’t always work. Ask for the name of the manufacturer for the product being recommended and then check with that manufacturer to see how many years the dealer has been authorized to install the product. No one has more experience with the jacked-in steel pipe piering foundation repair system than Perma Jack of St. Louis.

You can hire a local Professional Engineer specializing in this kind of work, have them analyze your foundation problems and suggest repair solutions together with a recommendation for a reputable foundation repair company. Be sure the foundation repair company is not one which gives kick-backs for referrals. Yes, sadly, this happens.

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