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Whether you're starting to notice a crack in your foundation beginning to form or if you've got a damp basement following a large storm, our team of trained professionals is here to help. Perma Jack of St. Louis is a team of trained employees who are able to make a proper evaluation of the situation at your home and after the inspection, help you design the best options to take care of the problem for good as well as prevent the problem from returning. Our team services the greater St. Louis area, including Elsberry.

It is crucial that once you've found an issue with your foundation that you reach out to a trusted repair company. We recommend this due to there are a number of additional issues that will happen along with these issues such as mold, weakened structure, and even catastrophic foundation damage. No matter if you're needing our foundation repair products to stop cracks from growing in the foundation, basement waterproofing products to stop water damaging your home, bowed wall repair services to prevent buckling basement walls from being in danger of caving in and causing permanent damage, or even our concrete leveling services to fix your settling stairs, our professionals are here to help you.

Foundation Piers in Elsberry

Foundation Repair

If you have cracks in your foundation or if you're noticing them at the corners of window or door frames, this is one of the signs that there are problems with your foundation and you may be in need of foundation repair. One of the other signs could be your doors or windows being difficult to open or close or even sticking when moving them. Foundation problems are commonplace in the Elsberry area due to the moisture levels of the soil fluctuates throughout the year. They are occasionally caused by inadequate soil compaction when your home was being built. Our team can install a system of piers under your home which will shift the load of your home to the piers and stop the home from sinking or settling in the future.

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Basement Waterproofing

If you've got stagnant water in your basement following a big rainfall, this is not good. If this water is not controlled, it will prevent you from being able to keep items in the basement and even stop you from turning that space into another room. Excess moisture and humidity also has the ability cause mold and mildew to grow which could in the future lead to dangerous health problems. If you've seen standing water in your basement, you should reach out to us so a member of our team can look into the problem and help come up with a basement waterproofing solution which will stop water coming in and prevent unnecessary problems from occurring. This system will stop the growth of mold as well as make it so you can have the ability to turn the basement into usable storage space, a media room, or even a spare bedroom.

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Bowed Walls

If your home has a basement, it is likely being used as a storage area or it is a finished area. It does not matter how you are using the space, if you have a bowed wall issue, it should be looked at by a professional to stop the wall from becoming serious. If your foundation walls bow too far out of alignment, it is possible they can collapse into the space. This could result in your foundation walls not being able to hold up your building properly and can cause you to have to either replace or rebuild the whole wall in the basement. It is a good thing that we use a variety of different options available to repair and prevent buckling foundation walls from becoming an issue in the future which will help save money in the long run and prevent your walls from collapsing.

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Concrete Leveling

Settling or cracked concrete patio slabs are not only unattractive but they can be dangerous as well. Regardless of if there is a large driveway or your patio that is cracking or a smaller part of a path, our concrete lifting method will help get it level and return it to the proper height, avoiding the potential cost and hassle of tearing it out and replacing it. We do this with a method commonly referred to as mudjacking. This process features injecting a slurry that safely and evenly raises the settling slab to it's original location. We are able to use this on large slabs such as garage floors or even a sinking basement floor.

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The crew that came out to the house was outstanding! All three crew members were very courteous and professional. They worked real hard to complete the job and I would have these crew members back for any other waterproofing needs at my next house.
Matthew B.

Mattthew B - Overland, MO 63114
Foundation Repair Consultation in St. Peters, MO
Last Thursday, I looked at a 25-year-old house in St. Louis County in which the homeowners were thoroughly confused over four proposals they received from underpinning and waterproofing contractors to repair distress to their residence. The four individual contractors’ proposals for stabilizing the ...
William Green - St. Peters, MO 63376
Foundation Repair in Kirkwood, MO
Dear Tim & Staff at Perma Jack As I retire from my position as Deputy Building Commissioner of the City of Kirkwood, I have to recognize and thank some of the quality contractors and design professionals I have worked with over the last 15 years. I have approved and inspected many foundation ...
Jim Wilder - Kirkwood, MO 63122
Perma Jack of St. Louis