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If you've noticed a crack in your basement wall that is getting worse or if you've got a damp crawl space after a big rain, our team is here to help. Perma Jack of St. Louis has a team of trained professionals who are able to make a proper evaluation of the situation you've got and then help you determine the ideal options to take care of the issue once and for all as well as prevent the issue from coming back. Perma Jack serves the greater St. Louis area, including Edwardsville.

It is very important that once you see a problem with the foundation or basement that you contact a trusted repair company. We say this due to there are some potentially dangerous problems that will accompany these issues including black mold, weakened structure, and even catastrophic foundation damage. No matter if you are in need of our foundation repair products to stabilize your foundation, basement waterproofing products to stop water damaging your home, bowed wall repair services to stop bowing basement walls from possibly collapsing and causing expensive damage, or even our concrete lifting services to fix your sinking stairs, our experts are here to help you.

Foundation Piers in Edwardsville, IL

Foundation Repair

If you've seen cracks in your foundation or if you've seen them at the corners of window frames or door frames, this is an indicator that there are problems with your foundation and you are in need of foundation repair. An additional sign could be your doors or windows being difficult to open or close or even sticking when opening them. Settling foundations are fairly common in the Edwardsville area as a result of the moisture content of the soil rise and fall during the year. They are also caused by poor soil compaction while the home was being built. Our team can install a network of piers under your foundation which will shift the load of the home to the piers and keep the foundation from sinking or settling in the future.

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Basement Waterproofing

When you have water in your basement following a large rainfall, this is never good. When this water is present, it will keep you from having the ability to keep items in the basement and even keep you from turning that space into another room. Excess moisture and humidity can also cause mold and mildew to grow which can in the future lead to health problems. If you're noticing standing water in the basement, you should contact us so one of our experts can look into the problem and help design a basement waterproofing solution which will control water coming in and prevent unnecessary damage from happening. This will also control the growth of mold and make it so you can have the ability to turn the basement into viable storage space, a media room, or even an additional bedroom.

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Bowed Walls

If you've got a basement, they are used as a place to store your extra stuff or it is used for extra space. Regardless of how you are using the space, if you've noticed a bowed wall issue, it needs to be addressed soon to keep the wall from becoming serious. If the foundation walls buckle too far out of alignment, they can end up failing and falling into the space. This can lead to the foundation walls not having the ability to hold up the home correctly and can cause you to have to replace or rebuild the length of wall in the basement. Thankfully we can use a variety of different solutions we can use to fix and prevent buckling foundation walls from becoming an issue in the future which can prevent the walls from collapsing.

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Concrete Leveling

Settling or cracking concrete garage slabs can be both dangerous and a safety problem. Regardless of if the problem is an entire driveway or the patio that is sinking or a short section of a path, our concrete lifting method can allow us to get it level and return it to the correct height, avoiding the potential cost and hassle of tearing it up and replacing it. We use a process known as mudjacking. This process involves pumping a slurry that safely and evenly returns the settling slab to it's original location. We can even perform this service on large slabs such as garage floors and even a sinking basement floor slab.

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Patching A Crack In The Basement Wall in St. Louis, MO
When we had a problem of unknown severity, we called Perma Jack of St. Louis. The company was very responsive. We promptly received a visit and were relieved to hear that our issue was not a major problem. We were then placed on the schedule and the repair was handled professionally and in a ...
Bill Wiese - St. Louis, MO 63122
Foundation Repair in Town And Country, MO
I wanted to comment on the work performed but needed more space then provided on the certificate of completion. Work done according to plan: I understand that our basement was not the usual installation for Perma Jack so some changes were necessary as work went on. We had discussed some of the ...
Melodie S - Town And Country, MO 63131
Foundation Repair in Chesterfield, MO
Wow! Thank you for a wonderful job in more ways than one. As a single woman / homeowner, I’m often suspicious of contractors out to take advantage of me. I found my experiences with you and all your employees very professional. Mike and Jimmy were especially informative when they were installing ...
Nora C - Chesterfield, MO 63017
Perma Jack of St. Louis