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We at Perma Jack of St. Louis have a unique approach to repairing foundation and structural problems with your home or building. Our team takes immense pride in using custom designed systems for every problem we encounter. This allows us to avoid using cookie-cutter solutions that may provide a temporary solution. We are here to approach your foundation or basement water problem as if it was our own and provide you with a permanent solution. We have some excellent resources that can help you with choosing a foundation repair company as well as choosing a basement waterproofing company to see why Perma Jack is the company you can trust. We service these cities in the greater St. Louis area.


  • Foundation Cracks
  • Basement Water Issues
  • Concrete Cracks
  • Sunken Concrete
  • Moving Foundations
  • Basement Cracks
  • Ceiling Cracks
  • Cracked Wall
  • Bowed or Buckling Wall
  • Expansive Soil Settlement


  • Foundation Stabilization
  • Piering
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Sump Pumps
  • Mud Jacking
  • Slab Jacking
  • Wall Bracing
  • Wall Support
  • Crack Repair
  • Foundation Leveling

Family Owned and Operated Since 1974!

Perma Jack of St. Louis Since 1974

Perma Jack has the longest experience of any company in the U.S. using the jacked-in steel pipe piering method for supporting settling house foundations – a system first developed and then patented over 40 years ago by Perma Jack. In the years since, all the major St. Louis foundation repair companies have attempted to copy, in one form or another, this steel piering system.

A few years ago, some companies adopted a screw-in pier system for repairing house foundations and their commissioned salesmen extolled the virtues of this system over the Perma Jack system. Today, all of those companies have reverted to the Perma Jack type of foundation piering system – a real tribute to our company from our competitors. Perma Jack stays abreast of all developments in the foundation repair field and also has the screw vane “helical” piers, but have never used them under the main house foundations – only where they are appropriate such as under lightly loaded structures – porches are an example.

We have over 40 years of experience repairing thousands of house foundations, foundation settlement, bowed or bowing walls, concrete problems, along with providing mud jacking and basement waterproofing services. Our resolve is to do the best work possible with the most appropriate system. Let us come out to analyze your problem and provide you with free consultation and a cost effective solution to repair your structure.

Foundation Repair

A sturdy foundation is one of the most important parts of any home or building. This means when you start to notice any type of problems with your foundation, whether it is cracks or noticeable sinking, it is very important that you reach out to the foundation repair professionals to evaluate your home or commercial location to determine the cause and work on a solution to your sinking or settling foundation.

Basement Waterproofing

There is nothing positive about the term "wet basement" and we certainly know it. When you've got water in your basement following a storm or when the snow is melting, it means there is a problem. We've got a lot of experience with diagnosing basement water problems and creating unique solutions to every one. Our basement waterproofing experts can perform a complete inspection of your basement to determine where the water is coming in and design a solution to control the water entering and prevent damage to your home.

Bowed Wall Repair

If your basement walls are bowing or buckling inward, it is a very serious problem. It is caused by pressure from the outside usually from improperly compacted soil or heavy fluctuations in the amount of water in the soil. Our bowed wall repair process can provide you with a permanent fix that will pull the wall back into place and prevent it from bowing more. This is a repair that should be performed as soon as you notice the problem because waiting too long can lead to foundation failure which requires replacement or rebuilding.

Concrete Leveling

A sinking concrete slab is not only an eyesore, it can be dangerous to anyone walking on it. Whether you have a sinking driveway, patio, stairs, sidewalk, or basement slab, our concrete leveling method can restore it to its correct location and help prevent it from sinking any longer. Using the process of mud jacking, we will fill the void below the sinking slab which will prevent it from getting larger as well as force the slab back up to a level position. Once cured, this repair will not break down.

Wall Crack Repair

If there are long cracks in your basement walls or along the outside of your foundation, you'll want to get them inspected and taken care of sooner than later. While these are normally from a house or building settling into the soil, they could also be an indicator of a more serious problem. This is why you should have our wall crack repair team look at the cracks and determine the cause as well as implement a proper repair. For most of these, we can install a crack repair solution that will keep it from growing and stop any leaking.

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If you've got any of the problems that we've discussed here, please do not hesitate to contact us. Feel free to call us at 636-225-2553, head over to our contact page, or fill out the form above.

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Bill Wiese - St. Louis, MO 63122
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Last Thursday, I looked at a 25-year-old house in St. Louis County in which the homeowners were thoroughly confused over four proposals they received from underpinning and waterproofing contractors to repair distress to their residence. The four individual contractors’ proposals for stabilizing the ...
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Dear Tim & Staff at Perma Jack As I retire from my position as Deputy Building Commissioner of the City of Kirkwood, I have to recognize and thank some of the quality contractors and design professionals I have worked with over the last 15 years. I have approved and inspected many foundation ...
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Perma Jack of St. Louis